How to Choose a Baby Carrier: Wrap, Ring Sling or Carrier

by Ashley

Researching baby products can be quite overwhelming because there are tons — and I mean tons — of different baby products made by multiple companies. It can become overwhelming trying to figure out necessary baby product or a baby product that would just make moms life easier. Baby carriers are one of those products that some moms might say is an essential baby product while others might not think it is. In my case, a baby carrier has been an essential baby product on my list of things a new mom needs because it not only made my life easier as a mom, but it’s something I have found myself using almost everyday; especially during the first few months of babies life! In this blog post I will share my favorite carriers and also why I believe it’s a must have item for mom and baby!

I am the kind of mom who will invest money in multiple products to find which one best suits my needs. It’s probably not the most ideal way to do things, but if I don’t genuinely love something I will continue looking until I find something I do love. I have tried multiple baby carriers from baby wraps, to ring slings, to traditional baby carrier (I think that’s all of them lol). They all work a little differently but all have the same end goal — carry your baby hands free! This is the reason I think a baby carrier is essential. When I first became a new mom, I had this crazy idea that I would be able to put my baby down throughout the day and relax when he was sleeping — because duh, babies sleep all day, right? Hah was I wrong! Jaxson did not like being put down for more than 5 minutes making it really hard to accomplish anything throughout the day. Babies are little and light until you’ve been carrying them around for more than 5 minutes. Then, they feel as a heavy as a boulder and you quickly realize you can’t get much done this way. Thankfully we had received a baby carrier as a gift from our baby registry and OH MY GOD you guys, this was a game changer. I was able to get things done — cooking, cleaning, eating — all while holding my baby snuggly on my chest. It not only allowed me the freedom to get things done, but it also comforted him since he was up against my body and he napped while I wore him throughout the day. Having a baby carrier was like having an extra set of hands.

Baby Bjorn Carrier

With Jaxson, I used the Baby Bjorn baby carrier. We still use it with Easton when we go hiking, to the park or for ventures when we are going to be walking around for long periods of time. We actually brought this carrier with us to Las Vegas and carried Easton throughout the Strip for long periods of time (channeling our inner Hangover moment). This carrier is comfortable to wear, both my boys have love being carried in this carrier and it’s seriously the EASIEST carrier to put on. Bonus, my husband loves wearing the carrier and carrying the kids around whenever we go on adventures. Baby can be carried either front facing or facing towards you. The carrier is perfect for newborn stage to about 12 months or until baby is about 25 pounds. We used ours with Jaxson until he could walk on his own and we are still using it with Easton.

Pros: Extremely easy to use, sturdy for newborn, adjustable, budget friendly

Cons: Bulky for daily use around the house, heavy on shoulders as baby gets bigger

Moby Evolution Baby Wrap

Even though I love the Baby Bjorn carrier and it’s super easy and comfortable to wear around, I wanted something that was a little less bulky to make it easier to run around carrying a newborn baby while chasing a toddler. Plus I knew I wanted something that baby could nap in while I worked on house chores or chasing the toddler. I’m not going to lie, using a baby wrap seemed very intimidating but I will do anything I can to make life as a mama a little easier. I did my research and saw that the Moby baby wrap was highly recommended and best of all, easy to use. After watching a few YouTube videos on how to use the wrap, I felt like it was easy enough to use. And surprisingly, it was. The Moby wrap is made of stretchy material that is very soft. It’s definitely a little heavier material so in the summer it did get a little warm to carry Easton in it. I loved how secure I felt carrying Easton in this and how comfortable he was in this carrier. You can also find the Moby on Amazon for under $50.

Pros: easy to use, soft and stretchy fabric, comfortable for baby, budget friendly

Cons: a lot of extra fabric, heavy material

Solly Baby Wrap

Although I liked the Moby wrap a lot, I had a friend who raved about the Solly Wrap so I wanted to try it for myself. I definitely prefer the Solly wrap over the Moby wrap. The material is extremely breathable, soft and stretchy. The Moby wrap had a lot of extra material and had to be folded in half to wear correctly. The Solly has just the right amount of fabric and does not need to be folded an extra time before wearing it. Easton loved being carried in this carrier and sleeping on my chest. I always felt like he was super secure but cozy at the same time. For the first few months of his life, the only way he would nap would be if I carried him around, so having this carrier was a life saver. I also love that the Solly is super lightweight and can be used from newborn to 25 pounds.

Pros: lightweight, breathable, soft and stretchy fabric, comes in multiple colors and patterns

Cons: pricier

Kyte Ring Sling

I decided to order a ring sling because I like how you can use it to carry baby on your hip. Now that Easton is bigger but still wants to be carried all the time, I thought this would be the best way to do it. I really love my Kyte ring sling because it’s made with bamboo making it a super light fabric, soft and breathable. I don’t feel Easton getting hot when I wear him in this carrier and I love that I can carry him on my hip hands-free. There are so many different colors to choose from and I love that you can also choose the color of the ring itself — yellow gold, rose gold or charcoal. It is super simple to use and really holds baby securely. Bonus, it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried or hung to dry. In my opinion, a ring sling is a must if you are a mom of two under three like me.

Pros: made of bamboo, light and soft fabric, breathable

Cons: pricier than other baby carriers


If you are a new mom or a mom of a baby, do yourself a favor and get a baby carrier. I promise it will make your life so much easier and more importantly, you will bond with baby even more.

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