Easter Baskets: Babies & Toddlers

by Ashley

Easter Basket for Babies & Toddlers Target Edition

Hoppy April all! Things have been pretty weird with all of the Covid-19 craziness, and I hope you and your families are staying safe during this time. We’re just trying to keep as much normality as possible. This coming Sunday is Easter, and I’m so excited for my little family to have a minor distraction in the midst of the current climate. 

Growing up, my family always put together Easter baskets and an easter egg hug hunt for us. It was only natural I started doing the same for Jaxson, and his reaction always makes me so happy. I had already started purchasing things here and there before the lockdown for the kids’ Easter baskets (I’m usually a procrastinator so this is a miracle), and I thought I would share what I have put together for them along with some other ideas in case there are any other mamas who are looking for some ideas.

Jaxson already has a personalized Easter basket that Nana got him last year from Pottery Barn. They have some really cute ones and you can get them personalized and use them year after year! For Easton I am using a basket that I got Jaxson his first Easter from the dollar spot at Target. For Jaxson’s basket I am going to put a toy, pajamas, underwear (we are potty training), a sippy cup, a few of his favorite candies, snacks and a book. Easton is going to get a pair of pajamas, sippy cup, teething snacks, stuffed animal, linking toy, and book. Everything listed in the guide below can be purchased at Target. You can just opt for the drive-up and pickup option so that if you decide to put together a basket of your own you have it on time!

For those mamas who are celebrating Easter with their little ones, I hope you have a marvelous one! 


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