My Top 10 Amazon Must Haves for Baby

by Ashley

The Baby Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

As a new mom, we tend to overthink everything when it comes to our newborn bundle of joy. One thing I have learned as a mom of two are all the unnecessary products and items we get in hopes of making our lives as mothers a little easier. Sometimes we buy things because we saw that another parent had it so we thought we needed to have it too. I’m writing this blog post to help those new parents who are trying to figure out some of the things that really are necessities aside from the obvious items like furniture, diapers, wipes, etc. This is a list of items that I have used myself that I am really glad I purchased because in my opinion they are necessities. I hope this list is helpful for you!

1. Baby Food Feeder

Baby Food Feeder Pacifier

This first stage feeding set is amazing! I love how It comes with everything you would need for when your baby transitions from just breastmilk or formula to solids. The silicone spoons are soft and flexible so it won’t hurt babies mouth when they bite down. The masher is awesome to make some quick purees with fruits and steamed veggies for those mamas who want to make their own food for baby. The silicone food pacifiers are by far one of my favorite and must have baby items. I have put fruit, veggies, yogurt and few other things in it to make it easier for my baby to eat independently. You can even freeze breastmilk or their favorite fruits to help with teething!

2. Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Pan Security Camera

We used a Motorola baby monitor with Jaxson. It worked fine, but would constantly lose connection. I decided to look at other options and came across this Wyze security camera. This camera is seriously amazing and under $50! Most baby monitors are pretty pricey and I’m convinced it’s only because the word baby is attached to it. The picture clarity is very clear, it has two-way audio, you can pull up the camera feed on your phone or through an Alexa or Google device. It also comes with magnetic wall mounts that don’t need to be drilled in. This one has the ability to pan so you can scan the whole room and use it as a security camera once you feel like your little one has outgrown “Big Brother”. You can’t go wrong with using this as your baby monitor!

3. Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock System

Baby proofing your house is a must once baby starts moving around. Believe me when I say, babies are magicians and they get into EVERYTHING! They will open every cabinet in your house while they go on their adventures of discovering this big old world. This baby proof magnetic lock system is the BEST! I ordered different ones that were much cheaper and similar to these but they didn’t compare. These locks are extremely easy to apply to cabinet doors and work exactly the way they should. No matter how hard my little ones have pulled at the doors, they have never been able to pry them open. These are a MUST!


This bundle kit has everything you will need for your baby’s healthcare needs. I love the Nail Frida for cutting babies nails. You won’t believe how sharp their nails get and how fast they grow. The Nail Frida is gentle on baby’s fragile nails and makes it easy not to accidentally cut their skin. Also the Nose Frida is a must when baby gets a cold and is all stuffed up. It sucks up all the gunk that’s blocking the airway. I was so skeptical on using this tool because I was so nervous that even though it said boogers wouldn’t be sucked up into your mouth I wasn’t sure if I really believed it. But, it’s very true and works remarkably well. Believe me when I say that you want to have this on hand for that day when baby or toddler gets their first stuffy nose. (*FYI just don’t suck too much and too often because it can irritate and cause a nosebleed.) The Windi is also another awesome tool you never thought you would ever need. It helps babies who are super gassy and constipated and need that little bit of relief. You just insert the Windi (lube it with Vaseline first) into baby’s bottom to help get rid of any gas that is blocking them up. It seriously works! The last item in this kit is The Fridet. It is perfect for moms going through postpartum. This thing is a must for anyone recovering from a natural birth. The squirt bottles they give you at the hospital work fine, but this one is a game changer in the recovery process. With my first birth, I only used the hospital squirt bottle because I didn’t think it was necessary to get a different one. For my second birth, I had been gifted this item and I’m so glad I was. It provided so much more relief and was angled to help clean areas without any irritation. I promise these are all items you will need, so the bundle pack is the way to go.

5. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

The Hatch nightlight and sound machine is my favorite. I have tried a few different nightlights and white noise makers and they just don’t compare. I like that the lights can be changed to different colors and the sounds it comes with are very soothing for baby. You can also download the app and manage the settings through your phone like the time-to-rise ability. I like that you can use this with your newborn but keep it for when they get older. The time-to-rise is a really nice feature because it can be used as an alarm for naps and bedtimes. It’s definitely on the pricier side for a sound machine, but worth every penny in my opinion.

6. oogieBear Nasal and Ear Cleaner

oogieBear Nasal and Ear Cleaner for Babies

Babies have really small nostrils and tissues (or a parents finger) just don’t work with some of those stubborn boogers. I have two of these tools, one for each of the boys because they work so well. It’s gentle on the nose and scoops out all of the nasties. The bear design helps block the tool from going to far up the nostril or too far into the ear canal. There are two different ends to this, one that has a raised scoop to help with the hard, stiff boogers and the other end for the softer ones. (Never in my life did I think I would talk about boogers with strangers.) It’s definitely an item you want to have on hand for that time you actually need it.

7. Baby Bum Brush

I hate applying diaper rash cream to my baby’s bottom with my bare fingers — it’s super thick, gets under your fingernails and the scent seems to stay on your hands even after washing them. I bought this tool to help apply the cream to my little ones bottom and I’m so glad I did. It was definitely worth every penny and applies the cream to whatever area very gently. Plus it’s really easy to clean and sanitize.

8. Nookums Paci-Plushies Buddies

If your child uses pacifiers, then you need to get these pacifier buddies. I discovered these on Amazon when Jaxson was a baby and loved that you could switch out the pacifiers unlike the Wubbanub pacifiers. Jaxson wasn’t a fan of the type of pacifier attached to the Wubbanubs and liked the Avent ones better. But, he would startle himself awake in the middle of the night looking for his pacifier. I’m so glad I got these pacifier buddies because I was able to attach his favorite pacifiers to it and he was able to find his paci on his own and settle himself back to sleep. The stuffed animal can just be thrown into the washer and dryer when it needs to be cleaned. Make sure to get at least two!

9. Baby Shusher for Babies

I use the baby shusher for trips in the car or when we are traveling. The “shhh” sound really does soothe baby and helps them fall asleep. Easton is usually super fussy on car rides, but once this little contraption is turned on, he calms down. We have also brought this on plane rides and it has helped to keep him calm throughout the flight.

10. Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat

I first bought a cutesy back seat mirror that had lights and sounds, but the mirror itself was so small and useless for its actual purposes. I could never see the baby through the rearview mirror like I was supposed to. I ended up getting this one that came with the sun protectors (awesome bonus) and I’m so glad I did. The mirror is big enough to see baby the way you need and the sun protectors are actually so helpful. Before we had them, Jaxson actually got a little burnt on his cheek from the sun shining into the car window. I’m so glad we had these to protect his sweet little face.

These are all items I have used myself and 100% stand by. I hope this was helpful and would love to hear any feedback if you decide to purchase any of these baby items!


*If you have any other baby products that are a must have, I would love to hear about them! Share your must have items in the comments below so that my readers can also learn about them!

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Rachel Da silva April 24, 2020 - 11:52 pm

This is a great list! The backseat mirror was so helpful to us

Angelika April 25, 2020 - 1:42 am

I’ve never never heard of these items except for the soother. Great eye!

Samantha Griffin April 25, 2020 - 2:42 am

Great list thank you!

Chelsea Cole April 25, 2020 - 5:36 pm

It’s always interesting what items are loved. We used some of these but didn’t bother with others. For example, my house is fairly small so I’ve never bothered with a monitor. We hear everything already. I did like some of the frida baby stuff. The Oogie bear looks interesting. We also loved wub a nubs and the carseat mirror!


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