Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Ashley

The day I became a mom, my whole world changed for the better. I can’t even remember what life was like before I had my two boys. I also have a new profound appreciation for my own mother and everything she went through raising me and my siblings. Mother’s truly have one of the hardest jobs in the world, but it is also one of the greatest blessings. I know that the world is going through a really strange time at the moment, but I wanted to make thinking about Mother’s Day a little easier for everyone. So here is my ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for any kind of mom out there. These are all gifts that I have loved myself, gifts I would love to receive as a mom or gifts that have been given to other moms I know.

For the Mom Who Needs a Spa Day

  1. Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak: I love soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day with the kids. It’s one of the ways I enjoy unwinding. This bath soak leaves skin super soft, moisturized and smells so good. It’s also vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and sulfate free.
  2. NEST Apricot Tea Reed Diffuser: This is my favorite scent from NEST and the diffuser is the perfect accessory for an evening bath time soak.
  3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask: One of my favorite things to do before a bath is to put on a face mask. I have only heard amazing things about this Summer Fridays face mask. It hydrates the skin leaving it feeling extra soft and is made from clean ingredients.
  4. Shiatsu Back, Neck and Shoulder Massager: I am obsessed with my massager. I have the worst pains in my back and neck from the kids and the way I sleep at night. This makes the pain so much better and gets rid of the awful knots that have formed since becoming a parent. I practically use mine every night before bed. It’s a must for a mom!
  5. Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser: Essential oils are so relaxing and smell so good. This Vitruvi diffuser is beautiful and can be put anywhere in the house to mom relax throughout the day.
  6. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Adult Robe: The Barefoot Dreams blanket is one of the softest and coziest things you can own. I got one for my sister for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. The robe is the most comfortable and made of high-quality material. Mom will absolutely fall in love with this and probably make it part of her daily wardrobe staple.

For the Fashionista Mama

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Fashionista | Bringing Up Brady's
  1. Madewell Denim Jacket: This should be a wardrobe staple in every moms closet. This Madewell jacket is classic and modern with the metallic buttons.
  2. Linea Paolo Anna Wedge Sneaker: I absolutely love these sneakers! I wear them with almost every outfit. They are really comfortable and super chic. They can be worn all day without discomfort.
  3. Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop: These are a must have wardrobe staple! They are stylish, comfortable and can go with almost every outfit. I’ve had mine for a few years and they’re still in great condition. These are my favorite sandals.
  4. DIFF Aviator Sunglasses: I love how these sunglasses look! The mirrored lenses make them unique while the Aviator frame gives them a classic look. This is on my list of wants!
  5. Tory Burch Robinson Saffiano Leather Tote: This bag is super stylish and big enough to double as a diaper bag. It has a lot of compartments inside to keep mom organized with everything she needs to carry for herself and baby. It’s scratch free and made of leather. She will love this bag!
  6. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: These are the BEST leggings. I wear these almost everyday and they look good with everything. I love how you can dress them casual or dressy for evenings. They also look great on different body types and suck you in in all the right places. Any mom would love these!
  7. Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress: This dress is flattering on every body top. It’s super comfy and can be dressed up with some wedges or worn casual. I wish I had this dress in every color!

For the Tech Savvy Mama

  1. Amazon Alexa Echo Show: We have two Alexas and we absolutely love them! We use her for everything — from telling us fun facts, showing us our security cameras, calling family, and playing music. The Alexa makes a great gift and if you have family or friends who also have one, you can video chat using them.
  2. iPad: I have loved the iPad since the first generation came out. They make great gifts because you can do so much with them — read books, watch movies or shows, listen to music, use as a mini laptop. It’s perfect to take anywhere you go!
  3. Sonos Move Speaker: I have only heard positive reviews from this speakers. I like that you can make it from room to room, voice control it and expand with other Sonos speakers that will connect.
  4. Inkeltech Ring Light: This is the perfect gift for any mom that loves to take selfies, vlogs, or tutorials. Having a ring light is a game changer when it comes to taking pictures for social media or blogs.
  5. Apple Airpods Pro: I am obsessed with my Airpods. I use them for everything and love that they are wireless. The new ones also have sound cancellation for noise in the background. Perfect for the mom who needs to drown out screaming children.
  6. Amazon Fire TV Stick: My husband and I love the Fire Stick! All the different streaming services are available on it. Mom can binge all her favorite shows with this gift!
  7. Skylight Frame: This frame is awesome because you can email photos directly to it and you never have to think about switching out pictures.

For the Fitness Junkie

  1. Fitbit Activity Tracker: The Fitbit tracks heart rate, sleep and is waterproof. A perfect accessory for the mom who likes to workout.
  2. Lululemon Athletic Apparel: The hype is real when it comes to Lululemon. Their leggings are seriously soft and look great on any body type and the tops are really comfortable to work out in. They have the best workout apparel that also looks amazing!
  3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle: This is the best water bottle. It keeps drinks cold all day even if it’s in a hot car or outdoors. It’s also really big so mom can make sure to have her full days water intake in one bottle.
  4. Supergoop SPF Kit: If mom loves to go running outside or go on hikes, sunscreen is a must. The Supergoop products are a must have and will keep mom protected from harmful rays during her work out. She will also love that it’s hydrating and is a primer that can be added under her daily makeup.
  5. APL Women’s TechLoom Bliss: I’ve heard that these are the best workout shoes. They’re comfortable, lightweight and chic. I like how they are sneakers for working out but look stylish enough to wear everyday with casual outfits.
  6. 321 STRONG Foam Roller: This foam roller helps take out the knots and stretch sore muscles after a tough workout. I use mine usually after cardio to help with my sore calves or thighs.

For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

  1. All Clad Copper Core Cookware Set: Mom could probably use an upgrade and this set is not only beautiful but it’s also safer and healtheier to cook with these pots and pans than teflon. These also conduct heat well and cook food evenly! I guarantee mom will love this upgrade to her cooking!
  2. Vitamix Blender: This blender is really neat. It can make soups, dips, smoothies, frozen desserts and more! It’s a beautiful appliance and it’s perfect for the mom who enjoys a quick smoothie on the go!
  3. Instant Pot with Wifi: I absolutely love my Instant Pot. There have been too many times I have forgotten to take food out of the freezer to thaw so the Instant Pot has come in clutch for these moments. You can put all your ingredients into the pot, the frozen meat, turn it on and forget about it until it’s done cooking! Everything cooks under 45 minutes so it’s honestly the perfect gift for the mom who needs easy quick and tasty meals.
  4. Kitchenaid Mixer: The Kitchenaid is truly a must have kitchen appliance for any mom who loves to cook or bake. I have used my mixer for so many different things including shredding a block of cheese quickly to make macaroni. There are so many different attachments you can get for this mixer you can basically make anything with it!
  5. Iron Cast Skillet: Another staple cookware for the mom who loves to cook! I use mine to cook many different recipes. It helps to cook food more evenly and quicker.
  6. Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Dutch Oven: A dutch oven is a must have kitchen staple for any mom that enjoys cooking. I love all my Le Creuset cookware and the quality and design are high-end. They are also on sale for a limited time at Macy’s for 44% off! Such a killer deal!
  7. Pizza Stone: We have a pizza stone and we absolutely love it! It makes the biggest difference if you enjoy making pizza pies at home. The dough crisps up nicely but is still really soft on the inside. Highly recommend!

For the Beauty Loving Mom

  1. Foreo LUNA: This is one of my favorite skincare tools! I use it everyday to wash my face and I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards. It’s made of silicone so it’s easy to clean, keep sanitized and bacteria free. Skin just looks healthier using this.
  2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This makes skin feel so dewy and it smells so good. I spray some of this on my beauty blender before applying my foundation and I feel like it makes my makeup last longer and look better. This is also great for when your face feels dry and you need some hydration, like when traveling. Mom will love this stuff for her beauty routine!
  3. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: I have only heard amazing things about this lip sleeping mask! Helps with chapped or dry lips and makes them super soft. It’s on my beauty wants list!
  4. Tan-Luxe Self-Tan Serum: You just add a few drops of this to your daily routine for subtle changes to the color in your face. Helps you look tanner without any chemicals. This product is vegan, sulfate and parabens free.
  5. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Parfum: This is one of my favorite scents and this perfume set is amazing! My husband got this for me for Christmas last year and I loved how it came with the big perfume bottle and travel bottles. The scent is flowery and stays on all day.
  6. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer: I saw this being used by a lot of influencers and wanted to see if they hype was really worth it. I absolutely love this tool and how I don’t have to use a hair straightner after using this. Mom will thank you for this gift!
  7. BeautyBio Glo Pro Microneedling Set: This has been on my wants list for a while now! Microneedling is supposed to help combat fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, uneveness, and ton skin. As I have gotten older skincare has become even more important to me and this set has everything you need to build a good skincare routine.
  8. Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer: A primer is a must-have for any beauty lover and helps makeup last longer and go on smoother. This primer is redness, pores and uneven textures in skin. It’s also cruelty free and lightweight!

For the Mama to Be

  1. Lily Jade Diaper Bag: I LOVE this diaper bag! It’s really functional and comes with an organizational insert. It’s also super stylish and can be converted into a shoulder bag or backpack. It’s by far the best diaper bag I’ve used.
  2. Nordstrom Moonlight Nightshirt: As a new mama I used button down pajamas as I recovered from postpartum. They are the most comfortable and are breastfeeding friendly. This nightshirt is super soft and comfy and perfect for any new mom.
  3. Bychari MAMA Necklace: This necklace comes in 14k yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. It’s delicate and beautiful and any mom would absolutely love this piece!
  4. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow: A pregnancy pillow is a must have for any mama-to-be. It helps relieve body aches and back pain while sleeping. I used mine every night while pregnant and slept more comfortably when I did.
  5. Clay Baby Footprint & Handprint Picture Frame Kit: This is such a cute gift for any mama-to-be. Once baby is born this is a great way to document how tiny babies hands or feet were. Super personal and beautiful memory keeper.
  6. Mama Animal Print Graphic Sweatshirt: This sweatshirt is super cute and stylish with the animal print graphic! There are also matching onesies and baby sweatshirts that baby and mommy can match with.
  7. Hatch Belly Oil Kit: This belly oil smells amazing and keeps the big ol’ pregnant belly hydrated. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks. It’s also not greasy, free of parabens and doesn’t leave any heavy residue. The pregnant mama will thank you for this gift!
  8. Baublebar Custom Beaded Bracelet: These gold beaded bracelets are super chic and have been super popular with influencers. These are awesome because you can custom them with the name of your baby on the way. They also have other plain beaded bracelets that they can be stacked with.

Gifts for the Hostest

  1. Nespresso De’Longhi: The Nespresso is the perfect gift for the mom who enjoys lattes and cappuccinos. It’s also a great gift for the mom who enjoys hosting morning coffee playdates with friends. I am obsessed with my Nespresso and couldn’t imagine my morning routines without it.
  2. Marble and Brass Wine Chiller: We got this wine chiller for my parents as a gift and they loved it. They said it was beautiful and kept their bottle of white wine perfectly cold all night. It’s a gorgeous way to display a bottle of wine when having a house party!
  3. Marble Cheese Board with Slicer: I got this as a gift for my husband for Christmas because we were specifically looking for one with a slicer. This cheese board is gorgeous to display when having guests over and is functional with the cheese slicer. It’s also very easy to clean and a great gift for any cheese lover!
  4. Marble & Brass 3 Tiered-Stand:
  5. Edge Red and White Wine Glasses: These wine glasses are elegant, contemporary and delicate. They are handmade and look unique and stylish. Mom will be sure to love adding these glasses to her collection!
  6. Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System: When my husband and I visited Napa for our honeymoon, almost every winery used these to pour wine out of. This tool penetrates the cork without removing the cork allowing the wine to preserve it’s quality and taste. A great gift the mom who enjoys drinking a glass of wine at the end of the night but can’t get through a whole bottle in one sitting.
  7. Personalized Recipe Cutting Board: These cutting boards are super personal and unique and guaranteed to make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.
  8. Gold Bar Tools Set with Cocktail Shaker: This luxurious gold-plated bar tools set comes with all the tools to make a craft cocktail and keep them all organized.

Gifts to Mom From Kids

  1. Plaster Molding Kit: Mom would love receiving this as a gift from her littlest love. It will preserve their handprint so that when mom looks back when they have grown up, she can remember how small their hands once were.
  2. Baby Board Book from Artifact Uprising: This is such a sweet and fun idea for a unique gift. Mom and kids can go through all the different family members together and it’s sturdy and great quality.
  3. Ceramic Mug Kit:The perfect gift for kids to make and personalize for mom. Kids love giving gifts to mom that they have made themselves and this is such a fun one!
  4. Personalized Book by Hooray Heroes: This book is dedicated to mom and baby and personalized on every page. This will be moms favorite book to read with kids at bedtime or during the day. She will love this!
  5. Alex and Ani Mom Charm Bracelet: I love all the Alex and Ani bracelets. This mom charm bracelet is double sided with mom on one side and a loving message on the other. It’s delicate, pretty and can be paired and stacked with other bracelets.
  6. Mixtiles Gift Card: Moms love to show off pictures of their kids and this gift card for Mixtiles is perfect for that! Mom can order different number of tiles to easily create a stunning gallery wall of photos.
  7. Artifact Uprising Baby Photo Book: This is a one-of-a-kind photo journal where mom can document memories of baby’s first year.

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!

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